About Us

We are a small family-owned and operated business, that started in 2021 in the heart of Hungary.

Lasting quality, innovation and livability are paramount when approaching any project, and we strive to create a positive experience from the start of the design to many years after completion.

We absolutely love what we do and we are excited to be part of the European tiny house and RV movement. This resonates within our enthusiastic team as well, who work with a smile on their face as we all know, that our tiny houses and motorhomes bring joy, laughter and happiness to our customers.

If you are ready to build your dream ride for your next adventure or you are looking for your dream tiny house that you can call your home, we are here to help you every step of the way. With each project we take your vision and make it our mission.

  • We build your tiny house
    in a maximum 3 months

  • We offer you advice and
    collaborate with you closely
    from start to finish

  • You will be updated
    regularly about the progress
    of your project

  • You are always welcomed to
    visit us whilst we are building
    your tiny house

  • We deliver all our products
    to any chosen destination
    in Europe

Tiny Houses

Imagine walking in the door to your new Valeur Tiny Home and, with a single glance, being able to see the entire living space that has been designed and built as you imagined. In front of you are the kitchenette, the bedroom, the bathroom, and the living room. Every item has a specific purpose and place, and you own nothing that you don’t use, need or want.

Spending time in your home means living closely with your family. Instead of watching TV or reading in separate rooms, you do these activities together. You’re not stressed by mortgage payments. Your energy bills are minimal because there’s less space to heat and cool and as a result, you save a significant amount of money each month.

Unless you actually buy a plot of land to park your tiny home on, you’re not tied to any property. Your only permanent tie is to your tiny home, so if you get a new job somewhere else, you can just hitch it to a truck and drive it to that new place.

This is what your new Valeur Tiny Homes will offer you, a simple but comfortable home that can fill your life with peace, harmony, joy and laughter.

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Why to Choose
One of Our Tiny House

  • Mobile Tiny Homes

    Our tiny houses are built on trailers, which gives you full mobility, but they are detachable as well. You can take them off the trailer any time you would wish to do so.

  • Fully Customizable

    Our models can be fully customized. We will work closely together to change the interior and exterior design so it suits your needs and wishes.

  • For All Seasons

    Valeur Tiny Homes are well heated and properly insulated, which makes them suitable for all seasons, comfortable to be used all year round.

  • Five Years Warranty

    All our tiny houses come with a 5-years warranty, so you can enjoy your stay in your new home without any kind of worries.


We at Valeur aim to build beautiful, bespoke, crisp hand-made campervans with the most important thing at our heart – a passion for camping and getting away.

We do not just convert them, but rather create holiday homes on wheels, designed to be so cosy you’ll never want to leave your van.

Given our genuine love for camping, we always consider how the campervan will perform in the real world, not just to look good in our workshop.

With this in mind, our Valeur 540 Sport and Valeur 540 Comfort models create a space that, when you close the door, you’re not in a van, you’re in a cosy open plan apartment, with everything in the right place.

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